Unique bedding
for pets and livestock

ProBioBED litter is a unique protective probiotic litter for pets and livestock. It is a combination of a natural absorbent material based on cellulose (wood shavings), which are thoroughly sterilized during production and subsequently enriched with the uniquely stabilized probiotic culture ProBioSORB. The main component is stabilized encapsulated probiotic Lactobacillus sp. a culture that is capable of surviving in litter and positively affecting the health of the animals.

ProBioSORB has also been enriched with a prebiotic support. This prebiotic is a natural ingredient based on fiber which provides food for the probiotic culture and is capable of extremely rapid initiation of the activity of probiotic bacteria.

Active benefits of ProBioSORB Litter

Other benefits of ProBioBED system

INNOVATION - a new approach to health of farm animals

ProBioBED brings new insights into the reduction of animal infections. Previously, the standard practice was to sterilise the stables and the adjoining areas which kills friendly microorganisms in addition to the harmful ones. Loss of these beneficial organisms can increase the risk of future infection.

The new approach is based on the use of friendly microorganisms to suppress enemy microflora. It is the enhancement of the natural immune processes of the animals, where there is a positive effect not only on the external environment but also on the breeding animal itself.


This is a specially developed probiotic culture which consist of carefully selected and tested probiotic lactobacillus cultures. Those correspond with the friendly bacteria in livestock and domestic pets and significantly contribute to the maintenance of their health. In particular, it is a bacterium of the species Lactobacillus acidophilus.

Probiotic lactobacillus cultures in bedding have a significant positive effect on the proper functioning of the digestive and immune systems of animals. They reduce the growth of pathogenic bacteria and reduce the risk of infection, either in the digestive tract or on the skin or fur. The prebiotic component deliberately and selectively supports the growth of friendly probiotic bacteria.

This speeds up the onset of the protective effect of the litter. How do they destroy microorganisms? Thanks to the production of antimicrobial peptides, they significantly reduce the growth of hostile and dangerous micro-organisms. This reduces the risk of infection and illness.

Thanks to the high absorption probiotic carrier, ProBioBED significantly increases the absorption capacity of the bedding, reduces odors and prevents pathogen proliferation.

The 9 litter pack contains at least 25 million live protective probiotic bacteria CFU (colony forming unit). A 550 l package contains at least 1.15 billion live protective probiotic bacteria CFU ( colony forming unit).


During production and distribution, we take the utmost care of natural resources and the environment.


Litter is classified as biodegradable waste and can be processed by composting after use. Composting is a way of using biodegradable waste, which with sufficient temperature, humidity and air access ensures the microbiological conversion of organic matter into loose soil - compost. Compost contains stabilized organic substances and plant nutrients that have an immediate impact on the yields of farmland and the ability to retain water in the soil.

Composting requires air circulation, sufficient moisture content and the presence of living organisms. Additionlly, the presence of inorganic substances, especially carbon and nitrogen, will greatly accelerate the composting process. These are abundantly in the excrements of farmed animals. Composting wood and cellulose requires sufficient aeration, which can be achieved by turning composite material. The final material is ready for application to the soil.


Industrial package

ProBioBED CLASSIC 550l ProBioBED PLUS 480l ProBioBED SOFT 300l
ProBioBED CLASSIC 550l ProBioBED PLUS 480l ProBioBED SOFT 240l


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